Are you looking for a snappy tagline, an inspiring lifestyle feature or an engaging business blog? I’ll deliver the words you need to reach your audience, and keep them coming back.

You’ve probably heard that robots are going to take over all copywriting duties. Until then, I’ll be here to put some personality into your paragraphs with my creative, culturally aware, and human-friendly copywriting.

Most of my content is ghostwritten so no one needs to know you hired a writer. I’ve written a guided city walking tour for an app, landing pages for yacht brokers, product descriptions for retailers, brochures for estate agents, and countless blog posts for a range of businesses and websites.

What’s the difference between copywriting and content? 

Copywriting is generally more focused on sales and content writing is informative with a view to building relationships and loyalty. 

Sometimes the lines are a bit blurred and the two can overlap, but generally think of articles, blog posts, case studies, white papers and branded features as content. Examples of copywriting include TV and print adverts, taglines, emails, product descriptions, flyers, brochures, and sales pages. 

My content writing services include:

  • Web content/SEO content
  • Blog posts
  • Articles – features, listicles, long-form, short-form
  • Features and editorial content
  • Press releases
  • Case studies

My copywriting services include:

  • Web copy/landing pages
  • Brochures
  • Emails/newsletters
  • Taglines
  • Product descriptions
  • Social posts