Links to my bylined articles

TripSavvy, March 2020, The Best 12 Things to Do in Colchester, England

Reader’s Digest, October 2019, The spooky secrets hidden in Britain’s walls  Is your home more than 150 years old? Discover what could be lurking in its walls.

Lonely Planet, August 2019, Why Colchester should be your next London day trip.  Surprising as it may seem, London wasn’t always the British capital. The Essex town of Colchester held that honour for 17 short but prosperous years.

CheapTickets, April 2019, Where to eat, drink and hang out in East London’s coolest neighborhoods

Fodor’s Travel, October 2018, 10 Places Scarier Than Dracula’s Castle. If you want to feel the fear in Transylvania, give Dracula’s Castle a miss and head to any of the region’s other atmospheric haunts.

Bon Appetit, May 2018, 11 Positively British Snacks to Order Online Before the Royal Wedding — aimed at U.S. audiences who would be watching Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding.

Bon Appetit Magazine, April 2018, This Incredible Jam Is Made with Rare, Extremely Tiny Strawberries. The Queen loves it, James Bond loves it, and even commoners like me are quite partial to it. A jam made with special miniature strawberries grown in a small corner of the UK.

Reader’s Digest, March 2018, Why Queen Elizabeth Is the World’s Most Famous Introvert 

Orbitz blog, January 2019, 5 reasons to add Cambodia’s most creative city to your Angkor Wat trip — article about Battambang, Cambodia’s second biggest city.

Headout, April 2017, 5 of the Best Cities to See Street Art

TopTenz, October 2015, 10 Most Infamous Royal Consorts

Yabangee, July 2015, The Many Personalities of Istanbul Cats

Matador Network, May 2015, How to piss off someone from Essex 

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