Hi, I’m a freelance writer and Essex girl extraordinaire. Don’t worry, I don’t write with the accent.

I come from a background in communications, including roles at Arts Council and NHS Employers.

I also taught English in Turkey for seven years, which involves a surprising number of crossover skills. Forget the grammar. I’m thinking more in terms of capturing your audience’s attention, keeping it, and getting them to do what you want – not always easy with a large group of third-graders on a Saturday morning!

These days, I use my creative skills to write all sorts of content for brands intent on making a difference in their respective sectors.

Not content (no pun intended) to limit myself to marketing and copywriting, I also write editorial pieces. I love researching and pitching stories.  You can find some of my work on high-profile websites, including Lonely Planet, Reader’s Digest, Fodor’s, TripSavvy, and Bon Appetit.

When I’m not glued to a screen researching or writing, you might find me exploring new places (aka cafes), purposefully hiking, aimlessly wandering, stargazing, listening to metaphysical podcasts that go way over my head, and trying to avoid the news. 

Want to see my work? Okey dokey.